For me, the digital colour photography experience is a pretty soulless affair. Nevertheless, the results are instant, it is relatively cheap and in the main, the results are superb.

I’ve always loved Kodachrome’s gorgeous, richly saturated, punchy colours – so it is this classic (and sadly, much lamented) rendering I try to emulate.

Also, I don’t really enjoy faffing about for hours on my computer, tweaking images. So the more I can do in-camera, the better I like it.

Camera Settings
With my Nikon D90 I use the following menu settings:

-0.5 of a stop under exposure (this is permanently dialled-in, being my ‘baseline’). However, I do alter it up or down depending on the subject, eg when exposing for shadows or highlights, or if the subject is low-key or high-key, and I treat flash in the same way by using the flash exposure adjustment + or -.

Nikon D90 Shooting Menu
Picture Control: SD Standard; Sharpening +1; Saturation: +1; Hue: 0
White Balance: Auto
ISO Sensitivity: 200
ISO Sensitivity Auto Control: On
Maximum Sensitivity: 3200
Minimum Shutter Speed: 1/30
Active D-Lighting: Auto
Colour Space: sRGB
Long Exposure NR: Off
High ISO NR: Normal

Custom Setting Menu
Metering / Exposure: Center-weighted area: 10

Set Up menu
Clean Image Sensor: Clean at startup/shutdown: On

The main thing is that I don’t allow the camera to dictate to me. By monitoring what is in front of me, I make exposure adjustments accordingly. This way I have less to do in front of the computer monitor.

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