The internet continues to expand, providing a wealth of information and knowledge for everything photographic. My lists are but a small fraction of the websites available.

Please bear in mind that websites come and go, often suddenly – old ones disappear, new ones pop up in their place, and links get broken. These are a few to get you started:

Forums – for everything Leica – principally for rangefinder camera enthusiasts – camera encylopedia – price guide for cameras

Equipment Reviews – sensible, no nonsense advice – digital camera reviews, forum and galleries – website for the UK magazine – reviews, techniques, galleries etc – antique, vintage camera collecting

Photographers – photojournalist, founder of the VII photo agency – freelance, based in LA – French portrait photographer, deceased 2000 – LA photographer into fashion, decorating etc – British photographer using large format – Vancouver-based photojournalist – street photography in Paris – London-based street photographer – Lithuanian photographers

Odds & Ends – the photographer’s ephemeris – ultimate exposure calculator – scanning tips – lens alignment and white balance products – camera tech notes – camera manuals

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